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Coconut & Vanilla Bean Plant Protein

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Coconut And Vanilla Plant Protein

Aztec Berry & Coconut Plant Protein

High Protein Superfood Blend $29.95
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Aztec Berry And Coconut Plant Protein

Tropical Coconut Greens Smoothie Recipe

Skip your morning coffee and kickstart your day the healthy way with this Tropical Coconut Greens Smoothie. While our lifestyle and taste buds don’t...

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We Compared The Top 5 Best Plant Protein Powders: Here's The Results

Just a few short years ago you’d be lucky to find any sort of vegan plant protein powders stacked on the shelves of any health foods store - but today - that’s thankfully no lo...

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Plant Protein

Plant protein is a bang on trend at the minute with seemingly every other post on my Instagram feed showing off smoothie bowls, health foods and of course, plant-based protein. Bu...

Is Pea Protein The Best Plant-Based Protein Powder?

Pea protein is one of those with divided opinions, yes it’s good for you, but the expected taste of pea is often too much for some people to manage. It may not yet be in the top ...

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All natural earth grown nutrition
Organic GMO free Vegan
Best plant-based protein powder in australia

The Best Plant-based Protein Powder In Australia

Here at Vebena Organics our mission is to inspire natural health and wellbeing through a combination of natural products and actionable information. All our products, from our protein powders to our superfood blends, use 100% natural organic and vegan ingredients. We believe in natural nutrition, and that starts by making products that are raw, plant-based and earth-grown.

From our cleansing Greens Powder to our antioxidant boosting Berry Powder, each and every ingredient we use has been ethically and organically sourced to provide you with the best quality earth-grown nutrition possible.

Organic vegan protein powder & superfoods

100% Organic Vegan Protein Powder & Superfoods

From our Organic Superfoods to our Vegan Proteins, we believe in providing the best quality health foods and nutritional products you can buy online. All our products are premium-grade, high quality and natural. We hand select our ingredients based on a combination of real-world traditional remedies and scientific research. It's what makes our products stand out from the rest and what helps you do what you do best, better. Our complete range of organic plant-based proteins and superfood blends are available across Australia.

Plant based protein

Easy To Use Plant-based Protein

There’s only so many meals one person can have in a day and filling them with nutritionally packed ingredients can feel like a challenge. Our vegan protein powder is designed to make it easier for you to get an all-natural health boost. Simply add it into your favourite smoothie, juice, yoghurt, cereal or anything else you can think of. They’re easily digestible and won’t leave you feeling bloated, plus they’re packed with energy boosting ingredients that will help you feel fuller for longer.

Our products

Questions About Our Products?

We’re always happy to hear from our customers and help them with any questions about our vegan protein powders and superfoods. The fastest way to reach out is via Facebook or Instagram. Our team are available from 9am-7pm AEST and are located in Melbourne, Australia.

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